Friday, November 24, 2006

updates for thursday next

First Among Sequels
"It is fourteen years since Thursday Next pegged out at the 1988 SuperHoop, and her son Friday is now sixteen. As previous meetings with the young man might indicate, he should be thinking of entering the Academy of Time in order to fulfil his destiny at the ChronoGuard, but he has decided instead to pursue a career in music - and now leads a teenage rockband called 'Snot'. Exasperation at her son's time-career non-fulfillment is but one of Thursday's problems at present.
Meanwhile, Goliath have perfected their own 22-seater Prose Portal Luxury Coach, and plan on taking literary tourists on a maiden voyage to the works of Jane Austen. 'The future of books is interactivity', claims the upper management at the Council of Genres, 'and regulated book travel is far preferable to an unregulated tourism industry.' Thursday is naturally appalled at the prospect, but her objections fall on deaf ears, and Thursday herself is selected to accompany the 'Austen Rover' as it travels on its maiden voyage into Pride and Prejudice.
Of course, all is not what it seems and Thursday soon realises that Goliath is up to its old tricks again. With the future of the entire Bookworld in jeopardy and a mass erasure threatening the very fabric of fiction itself, Thursday must travel to the very outer limits of acceptable narrative possibilities to do battle with old foes and new adversaries...
Published on the 5th July in the UK and the 23rd July 2007 in the USA."-from
Woo Hoo!!!!!! I love all things Ffordian. It was one of the most exciting announcements I'd ever read when in the back of The Fourth Bear- Fforde's last novel- was news of a forthcoming Nextian novel. There were no details, just a tentative title, "War of the Words".
It's great to have her back, her life is too full of the adventurous and the absurd not to want to continue her journey. Anything can happen in these novels, imagination really is able to expand and fly in this world Jasper Fforde created.
This is a MUST read. There is no way I'm waiting for the US release eighteen days after the UK gets it's release. here I come. Next day delivery, come on... how perfect is that?
How cool is it for Friday to be in a band called 'Snot'.

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