Friday, November 24, 2006

brad pitt you'd better not screw up

12:00 AM, 23-OCTOBER-06

"McAdams Mulls Time Traveler? reported a rumor that Rachel McAdams (Wedding Crashers) is in negotiations to take the lead in a quickly coalescing feature film based on The Time Traveler's Wife, Audrey Niffenegger's best-selling 2003 SF novel. Brad Pitt is producing it via his Plan B Productions, as is Nick Wechsler. The Time Traveler's Wife follows a Chicago librarian who finds himself involuntarily shot forward and yanked backward 10 years in time. He meets and falls in love with a beautiful heiress. New Line is still meeting with directors, but it's come down to Stephen Frears (Dirty Pretty Things) and German director Robert Schwentke (Flightplan), the site reported. "-from rumors.

Holy shit! This could be possibly the greatest BOOK ever. And I am extremely conflicted about something so personal and dear to my heart, being actualized with someone else's vision. Rachel McAdam's is my favorite actress and I coun't ask for a better actress to play my Claire, but it would ALL depend on the male lead. Henry De Tamble is a character you fall in love with. If he is cast incorrectly, it'll break my heart.
The setting must be perfect, ALL characters must be perfect, and the MUSIC must be perfect. All these were so specific in the book and gave it such character, made it so unique.
Brad Pitt you have been warned.

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