Friday, November 24, 2006

murder in chinatown

"Sarah Brandt finds herself involved in the secretive world of Chinatown when she is called to attend the Irish-American wife of a Chinese merchant. Since the United States government has prohibited Chinese women from immigrating, many Chinese men in New York City have married Irish girls. Although these women encounter prejudice from the white community, Sarah learns that the women are quite happy with their lot in life.
Their mixed-race children don’t necessarily share their contentment, however, and when one of these girls runs away, Sarah uses her detecting skills to help her family find her. When the girl is later murdered, Sarah must ask her friend, Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy, for help. Has someone in her family killed her for rejecting an arranged marriage with a Chinese man to elope with a penniless Irish lad? Has her would-be fiancĂ© killed her for dishonoring him? Or has someone in her husband’s family killed her because of her mixed blood? "-from author's website.

I'm so excited that the next book in the Sarah Brandt Murder series has been officially announced by Ms. Thompson herself! Due out in June 07, this is a period crime series set at the turn of the century with a female sleuth as the lead, and a gritty cop as her sometimes partner, love interest, teacher, and sparring partner.
My weakness for straight-up mysteries is very narrow, they have to be turn of the century, have female lead, and she's got to have a love interest.(my all time faveorites being the Francesca Cahill series by Joyce) It's the old romance reader in me. I assume I'll eventually graduate to a Grafton, but as much as I know I'd like those, I like my little period mysteries like these for now.
You can read up on this author at her web-site by clicking on the image above.

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