Sunday, December 02, 2007

Uhh, I am so irritated.

I really despise when a book has so much promise and hype and then doesn’t deliver. I was surprised, I kept reading thinking it would turn the corner and start kicking ass, but it never did. The only ass that was kicked was me.
I didn’t blog on Tantalize right away, I wanted a few days to settle down and see what my feelings and impressions really were without the immediacy of that first rush of reactionary emotions.
And guess what, I’m still fucking pissed. And I suppose the fact that I have strong emotions means that the storytelling was good, and I’ll grant you that. There was a lot of meat there. There was a lot to love. But the author kept tearing away everything that meant anything to the main character. And since it’s told in first person, the way the main character dealt with everything was so ANTICLIMACTIC!
And I hate hate hate non endings. And this one has a doozy. NOTHING HAPPENS. I do not feel satisfied, not when in the end everything changed for the main character. Just imagine waking up to be that last person on earth, it was sort of like that, and that characters reaction and actions were inadequate to the situation.

They only possible saving grace could be if this is the first book of a series. Otherwise, FUCK YOU.
Although looking up her forthcoming work she has this listed: watch for ETERNAL by Cynthia Leitich Smith (Candlewick, TBA)(ages 14-up). A gothic fantasy novel.
It is obviously the follow up to Tantalize and will (and had better) deliver. Quincy was a lamb to the slaughter in this book, and I like my heroine’s to kick some ass. Like In Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy, a perfect book. Take note YA authors. (Even the oh so high and mighty Stephanie Meyer should take notice)

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