Monday, December 17, 2007


By the way, while I work at a library, I believe in buying the book. I believe in advanced purchases and going to the bookstore the DAY the big titles drop. If books are going to survive, then we have to shell out the cash. If you can, then DO IT. If you can’t, that’s where the library comes in. I believe in first editions, special editions, and buying the series again when the covers have had an overhaul (the latter is reserved for those deemed worthy) .
So for all that I do for the publishing industry, I expect some returns. Amazon takes care of me with its discounts (not found in any store) and it Prime Member benefits. I believe in this awesome wave of authors having to start blogs, and websites as a part of the whole promotion machine. It gives the fans a way to feel connected to the books and the authors- and kudos for those authors who are providing individual feedback to the fans. I know it’s difficult for the big name authors to do that (especially ones like Hamilton who is equally revered and vilified by her past and present minions), but it gives the new authors a way to really garner a hardcore and cult following. Hey, as a fan, if you think and feel like you know and are friends with your favorite author, wouldn’t you go to the mat for that author any day?

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