Monday, September 10, 2007

More Free Fiction

Jim Butcher doesn't put a lot of extras out there. His website is all updated by his minions and I have no problem with that. He keeps the goods on the pages and I have NEVER found fault with anything Dresden he's done. But blue moons have been known to happen, and thankfully so. Jim put out Restoration of Faith, a prequel to all things Dresden. Here's the official description straight from the source:
Ever wonder how Harry did as a private eye before he set out on his own? Read about Harry's life as a Ragged Angel in Jim's short story, Restoration of Faith.
He also put out a "
vignette" whilst promoting the Dresden Series.
(the image is of Harry courtesy of Daniel Dos Santos the artist responsible for all the newest Dresden cover art, and I'm sure we all recognize what scene this is.)

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