Monday, September 10, 2007

"I had to get rid of the mutt.
Killing him would be easiest but, unfortunately, out of the question. If Elena found out, she'd be pissed.
Ten years from now, I'd still be hearing about it: "Clay couldn't even get through our honeymoon without killing someone." She'd laugh when she said it . . . in ten years. Right now, she'd be furious."- ecerpt from Kelley Armstrong's "Stalked". Her contribution to My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon - Coming January 2008.

Now that Many Bloody Returns is out, it's onto the next thing. My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon. And the COOLEST bit about it is that Armstrong is doing a Clay & Elena story about their honeymoon. The one that was never going to happen, because they were never getting married. We are soo passed that road block, thank god, and the story is told from CLAY'S POV. Isn't that just fucking amazing?
Here's Kelley's comments on her story, "Stalked"
It's a Clay and Elena story, narrated by Clay, which is always fun.
This one gave me a chance to revisit two of my favourite characters and deal with some leftover business from Broken--how is Clay coping with his injured arm?
Some may recognize the setting as St. Louis, but it's not named. That's because, just before final edits, I read that LKH's books are set in St. Louis. Clay isn't terribly...complimentary about the city, and I know some reader, somewhere, would say I was somehow "dissing" the Anita Blake series. So I cut the references. As for why it was set's one of the few US cities I've visited but never used in my books!

We haven't had Clay's POV since the online novellas, the last from Clay & Elena being Beginnings, which is now MIA thanks to it being part of the group of novellas that will be published in the hopefully near future seeing as how they are written already and just need some polish.
Oh and Kelley, diss away girl, diss away.

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