Monday, March 05, 2007

the latest

Here's a rundown of the most up to date information:

Thin Air: Weather Warden Book 6
By Rachel Caine
check out her website and her live journal The Weather Report
chapter sample (already the best of all)
coming: 8-7-07

White Night: The Dresden Files Book 9
By Jim Butcher
check out his website
chapters 1-3
coming: 4-3-07

For a Few Demons More: The Hollows Book 5
By Kim Harrison
(her first book in Hardcover)
check out her website
chapter excerpt
coming: 3-20-07 (right around the corner)

(book 2 in series)
By Rob Thurman
check out her website and live journal Far Side of Lazy
chapter excerpt
coming 3-6-07
Pick it up immediately!

(book 2 in series)
By Kat Richardson
check out her website
chapter 2 excerpt
coming 8-7-07

The Taste of Night: The Second Sign of the Zodiac
By Vicki Pettersson
check out her website
chapter excerpt
coming 4-1-07

Exit Strategy
(1st book in a new non-supernatural series)
By Kelley Armstrong
check out kelley's kick assed website
chapter 1 & 2 excerpt
coming 6-26-07

No Humans Involved: Otherworld Book 7
(my most anticipated read since Broken)
By Kelley Armstrong (we love her!)
check out the amazing extras on her website
(don't forget to check out each 1st of the month for the newest installment to her last online novella: Framed)
coming 5-1-07

There are other very worthy mentions like; Dexter In The Dark coming 8-14-07 in the US & 7-19-07 (for us hardcore fans) in the UK. No other info available due to authors lack of website, thanks bro. Undead and Uneasy coming 6-5-07 (not that I find the Undead series on par with any of my other mentions-not passed book 1 anyway- but I have committed so much time that I have to see it through. I do find MJD a very funny lady, the books just need more... more. The Harlequin coming 6-5-07 (expectation are not high on plot content, but I always hope). But at least there is the Anita Blake Comic for Guilty Pleasures. It stays very close to the story, although I never understand why the artist makes her thighs so damn large. I highly recommend you order it. The comic isn't free like Kelley Armstrong's is (check out her extras), but I'd love to see who comes out on top. Kelley vs. Laurell. My $ is on Kelley.

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