Monday, December 11, 2006

the best is yet to come

Dexter in the Dark
By Jeff Lindsay
coming 8/14/06

The newest in the coolest mystery series ever! Dexter is not as amazing on screen as he is in print (how can they not mention The Dark Passenger!), so if you've never read one of the books, do it now. And even better, listen to them on audio, the narrator Nick Landrum does a fantastic job with these books and this character. To me he'll always be the true voice of Dexter Morgan.
No excerpts yet, if there'll ever be any. And it doesn't help that Jeff Lindsay doesn't have a website -that I know of. But I did find some information on Click Dexter in the Dark for the link to fantasticfiction. And here's another interesting tidbit, the release date for the UK is July 19,2007 as opposed to the US release of August 14, 2007.
For those of us who cannot wait that extra month, this is good albeit expensive news.

Dearly Devoted Dexter
By Jeff Lindsay
available now

The second Dexter Morgan novel, and my fave. While the first novel threw my into paroxysms of first love with this serial killing anti-hero, this second installment saw a well rounded version of Dexter's supporting cast. Where everyone except Dexter and his new friend, were total fucktards. Devoted shows that there's more to Deb than, "God damned it Dexter, what the fuck!". More to Sgt. Doakes than, "Get the fuck away from me Morgan, you gimme the fuckin' creeps."
We see everyone and everything in a higher strung peril.

by Kat Richardson

coming 8/7/06

The follow up to Richardson's 2006 Greywalker novel is coming August 7 2007.

"Halloween is approaching when Harper agrees to investigate the members of a research group who've been attempting to create an artificial poltergeist. The head researcher suspects someones been faking the phenomena, but Harper's investigation reveals something entirely different--they've succeeded. When one of the group's members is killed in a brutal and inexplicable fashion, Harper must determine if the murderer is the ghost itself or someone all too human." -from Ms. Richarson's website.

This is a serious MUST addition to the urban fantasy fan. If you liked any Jim Butcher Dresden Files novel, Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld series (the best of any-ever!) Patricia Briggs' Moon Called, Kim Harrison's books, then you'll love Kat Richardson and her Greywalker series. (clock on the Poltergeist image and read an excerpt)

By Kat Richardson
available now

The first book in a brand new series about a female P.I. , Harper Blaine, who after coming back from the dead, now sees a parallel "ghost world".

Greywalker starts out better than any book I've read lately, with Harper's murder. From there we jump to her trying to get back to her normal life in Seattle (a great backdrop for a ghost story), only to find that she is being sucked into inescapable weird. From slipping back & forth from the ghost world and all it's nauseating and scariness, to vampires good & bad & becoming enmeshed in their brimming war, to witches, and even a necromancer.
And about Harper Blaine, well, she's a tough cookie who doesn't take any stupid chances and can take care of herself. Thank goodness she also has a good heart and can be compassionate when someone is in need, and a girl with just enough insecurities when an attractive man is around.
Kat Richardson does a wonderful job of making this book feel as serious as Harper's situation is. There is no joke or silliness to this story which is a welcome departure from all the Mary Janice Davidson's and her wanna-be's. The fact that the author took the genre seriously lends much more credence to a wonderfully written story with a great plot that has just enough twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat.
(click Greywalker image for book excerpt from author's website)

For A few Demon's More
By Kim Harrison

coming 3/20/06

The latest installment in the Rachel Morgan series. You just can never get enough. Well we finlay have some cover art, and even if it's cool in a I-look-like-a-hooker kind of way, they are never as cool as the first book, Dead Witch Walking.
If you've never read any of Ms Harrison's books I highly recommend you start at the beginning or you'll be totally lost. That and I'd totally skip that installment in the anthology Dates From Hell which stars my least favorite Vampire ever Ivy. She is too damn annoying!
(click on A few Demons More for an excerpt)

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