Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I've been really busy what with having started a new job after having taken a year off. I was waiting for all me prime time TV premieres to have rolled out to comment on them. All I had remaining was 30Rock, and I would be good to go. Then I hear one of my BIG time favorites has been not just canceled, but yanked so hard off the air that my poor DVR still says it's playing while the network airs it's old hits from their moneymaker.

My new shows were thus:



Ugly Betty

And these would be added to my regular fall line up of:

Prison Break


Project Runway

Amazing Race

These are my hardcore commitments. I break for them.

Unfortunately Smith is cancelled, 3 episodes in and I was left hangin'! All I want is a mega supped up DVD edition to be released ASAP for those of us who did care!

All I can do is live in hope that Heroes is still in the race, Vanished gets to finish it's season, Ugly Betty stays afloat, and 30Rock makes it.

I'm too sad and tired to post anything on my very satisfactory returning faves, they are all doing a great job- some more than others- but I need to sleep... and to get a pair of feet that don't throb with pain.

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