Wednesday, September 13, 2006

2007 can't wait!

Looks like 2007 will be a great year in reading for me. It'll start off with a bang in February thanks to two upcoming releases:

Mercedes Thompson returns in: Blood Bound February 2007

The second in Patricia Bigg's Mercedes Thompson series ! Patricia Biggs has not posted any sample chapters, but her publisher was smart enough to keep the illustrator from the first book in the series- Moon Called. That cover alone was what drew in sooo many Urban fantasy enthusiasts. Mercy's got more ink on her, but she's still her bad-assed mechanic self. (click image to pre-order with

And the follow up to 2006's Full Moon Rising, Kissing Sin... (click images of Keri Arthur's books for a link to Keri's website were you can view her blog and read up on these books)

This will be followed up with a quick fire release of the 3rd book in the Guardian Series Tempting Evil due out March 07...
And book 4 in the Guardian Series, Dangerous Games hitting the bookshelves April 07. There is still a book 5 in this series, Embraced by Darkness, and it's drop date are TBA.

Harry Dresden is back! White Night April 2007

This just posted minutes ago on the Jim Butcher website! No details just yet, but at least we've got great cover art to hold us a little longer! (click White Night to visit Jim's website)

Rob Thurman's sequel to Nightlife: Moonshine May 6 2007!!!

Cal and his brother Niko are back! The first book, Nightlife, totally blew me away. I'd been on a steady diet to bad-ass chick kicking a lot of ass and taking a lot of names, so it was really nice to change it up and get the story from a male perspective. The connection between the two brothers, and what impossible odds they are up against is great. I really cannot wait to get Moonshine in my hot little hands. (click image of Moonshine to see Rob Thurman's website)

Women of Otherworld no. 7: No Humans Involved May 2007
I've got no cover art just yet for this beauty, but urban fantasy queen Kelley Armstrong is coming out with the next book in her Women of Otherworld series book 7 titled- No Humans Involved. Rumor has it's release date in May, but I'll post a definite date as soon as Kelley post's it on her site. Her website is the best place for a fan to wait out the long months between books. She writes all year, and publishes free novellas and serials through out. You can read previously finished novellas on your favorite characters and see how things began. Click the image above for a link to the prologue and 1st chapter in No Humans Involved, her Jaime Vegas novel.

Thursday Next returns in- The War of the Words July 2007

And my dearest darling author of the Thursday Next and Jack Spratt novels will be releasing a new installment in the Thursday Next series July 2007! This is an amazing surprise for us TN fans. The last TN novel, Something Rotten, has tied up all the loose ends and left the readers feeling as if Fforde was done with her world. Thankfully not. In his latest novel, The Fourth Bear, there is a chapter heading that gave illusion that all had come slightly unstuck just a bit after we left Thursday, Landon, and little Friday. Then, at the back of Fourth Bear, we see the announcement of TN's The War of the Words, and Ashley, Jack, and Mary will return in- The Last Great Tortoise Race, release date TBA. (click on "image" to go to Jasper Fforde's truley amazing website full of extra features and lots and lots of fun stuff)

There are a lot more books coming to name a few greats they are:

Thin Air (Sixth novel in the Weather Warden series, by Rachel Caine) due Summer 2007

For A Few Demons More (next installment to Rachel Morgan's stories, by Kim Harrison) due March 2007

Touch of Madness (Second in the "Thrall" series, by CT Adams & Cathy Clamp) June 2007

Undead and Uneasy (Queen Betsy's Sixth story, by Mary Janice Davidson) June 2007

I'll post more on these as the info becomes available!

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