Tuesday, August 22, 2006

she'll kill you, she'll kill you, she'll kill you and she'll never let you go...

"PSYCO EX CONTEST: Rules of competition
1. Not for public consumption.
2. No more than one entry per e-mail.
3. Only one destructive, long term, psychologically challenged significant other per comtetitor.
4. No details regarding martital relations.*
*"Marital relations" is loosely defined as any act of sexual congress between a principal player and the human object of his/her affections.

Seconds later, a third piece of e-mail.

I had twenty-five dollars in my pocket. Psycho Ex demanded that I give it to her for drugs. I argued that we wouldn't be able to eat or take the bus or anything. When my argument failed, I shouted, "I won't give you my twenty-five dollars because it's MINE." She screamed, "You think I need your money? I'll go out right now and suck some dick!"-Andy Prieboy The Psycho Ex Game.

This a great story written in the He said, She said fashion. Authors Merrill Markoe and Andy Prieboy created a story about a writer, Lisa Roberty, and a rock musician, Grant Repka (both serial psycho ex daters) who start a game to see who had the worst ex of them all. In my humble opinion Grants horror stories blew Lisa's out of the water, but you'll have to judge for yourself. It's an engrossing read. And one that makes you fall for that jaded hard-living musician type.

"Bells don't immediately ring when Lisa, a writer meets Grant a veteran rock musician, backstage at one of his shows but they do exchange e-mail addresses. Soon after they begin an online correspondence that blossoms into what they call the Psycho Ex Game... Story for story, each accumulates points for humiliation, degradation, and complicity in the rationalizing of psychotic behavior. And as the game continues, each realizes that their exchanges are offering them an intimacy missing in their offline lives." from psychoexgame.com

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