Wednesday, August 23, 2006

a real doll

There is a book by the name The Safety of Objects, and in this book there is a short story by the name A Real Doll. When I was on Etsy last night looking through photographs for sale, I came across these two pictured left. They are from a seller going by the name swirlingthoughts. Well, when I saw these photos named, Long Legs (top pic) and Snagged (second pic from top),I was immediately reminded of this short story I had read in the book The Safety of Objects by A.M. Homes.

The story is about an adolescent boy who falls in love with his younger sisters Barbie Doll. He has a physical affair with her, complete with conversation and jealousy. It's a twisted little tale completely befitting an A.M. Homes story.
If your into that sort of thing, or just get a kick out of reading the twisted and absurd, then she is the author for you.

Honestly, go buy this book and tell me these photos aren't perfect for it.
Did the artist who took them have any idea what he/she was suggesting? I think may be so. And if not, wow, what a hilarious conversation that would be to tell them about it.

(click image to look inside this book at

Check out the author's official website, she is definitely worth a look if you've never read her.
A.M. Homes.

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