Saturday, May 22, 2010

Alright, I'm going to say it: I think that the "urban fantasy" genre has been boring me for a little while now. (I am cringing in shame as I type this out! Lord Almighty Butcher forgive me, I don't mean you. Never you my Nerd King.) But I must explain something first, not ALL urban fantasy is boring. Just most of it, the adult part of it to be little more specific.

I want to also specify that I will never tire of monsters in any form be it; hunky, heroic, demonic, disgusting, or comedic. What I am terribly sick of are the stories they are being put into: CSI/FBI Vampire! PI Succubus! Detective Hard-Ass Werewolf! Gigantic-cliche-cast-iron-bitch-necromancer!

I try new authors, I try established series that you all seem to love and drive me nuts with irritation (anything Caitlin Kittredge the laziest writer I've ever read, or Lilith St. Crow who I kind of hate how she writes.) I despise authors who think they are so damn terribly cool that they sound like assholes on the page, or the ones who are so damn clueless and yet try and write a terribly fashionable character and it just ends up being terrible.

- - - - - -

What is the difference between YA urban fantasy and adult UF? It seems to me that aside from quite a few boarding schools, & high school diplomas, it is predominately: love.

I've always seen it as a terrible weakness on the part of the author not be unable to keep the reader interested, involved, or on the edge of their seat while their protagonists maintain a relationship, or gasp, a marriage.

On the flip side of this coin are the authors who put us out of our wretched misery quickly a la Patti Briggs & her Mercy Thompson series. Now it's about keeping your most precious people safe, together, strong, and prosperous. I feel the danger has been dialed up infinitely more because of the commitment of the characters have made to each other. Then there is Diana Gabaldon's time traveling Holy Grail couple who go through hell to be together. It's fucking priceless.

I know I'm venting into a vacuum, but that's the point of a blog right? It's only my opinion and it only matters to me.

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