Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Halfway to the Grave- go buy it!

Halfway to the Grave

What a great fucking read. I read the excerpt of this book months ago and pre-ordered it on the strength of that sneak peak of the first chapter, and I am so happy to say that the rest of the book far surpassed my expectations. It is very hard to find good story and creative takes on the Vampire/ Vampire Huntress books. *Many of the books out there are written by authors jumping on the Supernatural bandwagon and it clearly doesn't fit. But this book has the humor that Charlaine Harris's Harper Connely books lack, the heart compassion and STORY that LKH's AB lacks *(as of Obsidian Butterfly and on, LKH's brain has been taken over by aliens). Sure it's not perfect, some of the dialogue for the heroine Cat has the tendency to try to "cool" it up. *Please authors, stop doing that! It sooo rarely works. I can't even read Lilith Saintcrow because it's so rampant in her books. ( Damn that author thinks she's some hot shit with a keyboard and I wanna scream, "Well you ain't!") I cannot wait for ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE, book two in the NIGHT HUNTRESS series, April 22, 2008. There are five books planned for this series so far, and it has soo much promise. Go buy it now, you won't be sorry.

*I digress.

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