Sunday, August 26, 2007

Read Urban Fantasy for Free!

Well I was going to make a post with a listing for a slew of free online horror/urban fantasy fiction that could be found on author websites. My problem now is that the good ones are gone! And not just gone, never coming back either. The best from Kelley Armstrong who really HAD the best website anywhere with prequels to her unequaled Otherworld series were Savage, Ascension, and Beginnings. These are the stories of Clay as a feral child being found by Jeremy. Of Jeremy's ascension to Alpha and it's bloody battle. Ascension also giving the story of how Clayton got the reputation of a psychopath. And of Beginnings being the story of how Clay and Elena met.

All perfect and beautiful and tortured. And all there as a gift from Kelley to her readers. I admit that I wanted these in book form, fleshed out and in my greedy little hands.

But now they really are being published with proceeds going to charity. And so they have been removed from the website and are pending publication. As to WHEN they will be published as a Men of Otherworld compilation, she hasn't yet said. And I'm sorry for the new hardcore fans she's made who never got a chance to read them.

All is not lost, there are still some online fiction from Kelley that is still available. The most exciting is Becoming. A graphic novel chronicling Elena's transition into the only female werewolf on the planet. The artwork is really good and thank god they are faithful to the author's descriptions of the characters. Which means Elena won't be running around in mini skirts and high heels. This story is one of two works in progress on her site, it comes along with Framed, Nick's story.

Here's a list of the 2005 stories she wrote with the help of a poll to her readers as to what stories they wanted her to write. Here are my favorites (the full list can be found here):
Infusion: Jeremy's conception and birth. online PDF

Birthright: Logan's initial visit to the pack. online PDF

Territorial: Karl Marsten before the event of Bitten. online PDF

Ghosts: Jermey after sending Clay and Elena to Toronto in Bitten. online PDF

Bargain: Xavier gets the "From Hell" letter theft job. (Serves as companion and prequel to the novel Broken) online PDF

Case of the Half-Demon Spy: Paige & Adam's first sleuthing adventure. online PDF

Expectations: Lucas's confrontation with Eve online PDF

Escape: Eve's incarceration at the compound online PDF

Wedding Bell Hell: Paige & Lucas's Wedding online PDF

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