Thursday, April 05, 2007

I'm a Cowboy...

I think I was more excitied about the start of the 3rd season of the Deadliest Catch than anything elseon tv this year. I'm a hardcore fan and DVR every damn rerun on Discovery every weekday. I just can't get enough. I'm in heaven.

Unfortunately with the new season comes new boats and different crew members on the boats we love that have comeback. I've got no complaints on the Northwestern, I never do they kick so much ass, but with only one episode under the belt I've yet to aclimate to the Cornelia Marie addition of Josh, Jake's older bro. He just doesn't have that quiet sweet face that Jake has. Oh well, I'm sure the dynamic will be at least interesting. Blake becoming Captain of the Mavrick after D/C made him look like a little baby last king crab season was weird. But then I read the interview he did after episode 1 of the new season and he came across as a pretty level headed and cool guy. I'm ready to give him a chance, but I miss Hiram. Rick will be back for opie season thankfully tho.

But my biggest disappointments are two glarring differences.

1. Were the hell is the Rollo? I want Corey, Matt, Brian, Christian, and Eric back! I loved that they were different from the other boats, totally funny and cool. We must get them back. Who hell are the people on The Wizard? The Farwest Leader?! And the Early Dawn? What the hell?

2. Where the hell is MIKE Time Bandit? Explain to me where your most popular crew member, arguably one of the most popular of the series, is? I was totally amped to see him on board, could've sworn I heard his voice on the promo's on tv "Man is injured" sounded like his voice, as well as "Oh my God!" If he's not back for opie season I'll be damn disappointed.

Since we love the Rollo so much (really it is not necessary to have 3 completely new boats is it Discovery Channel?) and we especially love Corey Arnold for his kick ass pictures we need to support them as much as possible. Go check out Corey's solo exhibition of fishing photographs in Santa Monica opening May 12 at the Richard Heller Gallery . Check out more info and photos from Corey at his website

There is a lot of cool shit to do and see on the Deadliest Catch Discovery Channel site it is a total must.

all photos were taken by Corey Arnold.

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