Thursday, August 24, 2006

a guide to recognizing your saints

Okay, so I know that Channing Tatum is not the lead of this movie, Shia LaBeouf plays Dito, the focus of the book and the movie. But the only reason I'm going to see this film, is Channing Channing Channing. Actually, Shia had this to say about his co-star Channing on his character Antonio-
"Channing Tatum gives the movie a huge, bright spark. Antonio is one of the most difficult but one of the most important roles in the film. He needed to convey tremendous vulnerability despite his tendency to violence. Channing manages to generate huge empathy for Antonio. We can see how troubled he is, and we can see that everything he does, while it may be misguided, is done out of love and friendship for Dito. " Shia LaBeouf.

I read that Channing's- sorry, Antonio's opening scene, "he struts down the graffitied, dirty streets with a bruised face and jumps a Puerto Rican kid who is harassing Dito ". I'm sorry but that is soooo cool.

This film opens September 29 in New York & L.A.
Jana, road trip girl!!!!

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IBJana said...

I hope you mean L.A! New York isn't ready for us.